Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alcohol and drug abuse treatments

When people receive drugs they change their behaviors, feelings and the way of thinking. These kinds of substances are often called psychoactive and include the alcohol, tobacco as well as the natural drugs such as cannabis, opium and coca. There are various causes leading to use of drugs depending on sex, age, social environment, etc. For example the youngsters make exaggerate use of drugs just to be fancy, the adults because are depressed and here an important factor in dealing with the drug addiction is the education. The excessive abuse of the drugs (even the prescription drugs) gives in the end dependence and that is a real problem. The drugs are split in several categories with the corresponding effects: Depressives (heroine) is a sedative which acts on the nervous system and whose effect is an artificial relaxation, lack of stress but giving it up causes troubles due to dependency. Stimulating drugs like cocaine are agents that activate and increase the neuronal activity leading to headaches, fast heartbeats, etc. Hallucinogens such as ecstasy marijuana, LSD, are chemical compounds which produce mental changes like euphoria, restless sensation, paranoia. Sometimes the drugs are obtained even with a prescription and unfortunately not for medical usage but for personal comfort. Their iterative employment leads to addiction and dangerous consequences. In general the Prescription Pill Addiction has as main purpose the reach of a state of relaxation and calm but overstimulating the neuronal stimulus leads over the time to brain alteration and degradation by lowering the body performances which is of special relevance in the case of athletes and sportive people. Not all the individuals search for help ending up tragically, but many of them try to look up for addiction treatment. There are many methods for combating the drug abuse and rehabilitation programs can be attended in specialized centers.


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