Thursday, November 19, 2009

Greece-Ukraine 1-0 and Slovenia-Russia 1-0 videohighlights World Cup 2010 qualifiers

Ukraine-Greece 0-1. Greece won 1-0 over Ukraine and qualifies to the World Cup tournament 2010. The only goal of the game was scored in minute 31 by Dimitrios Salpingidis. Ukraine pushed harder creating many occasions and having ball possession but Greece defended well and kept their own space goalless.
Slovenia-Russia 1-0. Probably the biggest surprise of the day was the 1-0 victory of Slovenia over Russia. After a 2-2 aggregate, the national team of the small central European country reserved the ticket to South Africa thanks to the goal scored in the away leg (Russia-Slovenia 2-1). For Slovenia this is the second successful playoff as they qualified to the 2002 World Cup by defeating Romania.
France and Portugal are another European teams which booked their spots to South Africa 2010.
France-Ireland 1-1. France qualified unfair after a scandalous and incorrect goal scored by Gallas in min 104 after Thiery Henry took over the ball by hand. The French won 1-0 in Dublin but in Paris they were lead by the Irish on goal scored by Robbie Keane in minute 33. It was proven once again that the famous teams are always favorized by...God or referees.
Video Ukraine - Greece 0-1 goal Dimitrios Salpingidis World Cup playoff
Video France - Ireland 1-1 controversial goal Gallas (Henry used obviously the hand).


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