Thursday, November 19, 2009

France-Ireland 1-1, a slap in FIFA's face

France qualified to World Cup 2010 tournament after an incorrect handball by Thiery Henry. The illegal act was omitted by the referee and the irritation is more pronounced as it was clearly visible. FIFA's image - represented by Blatter and Platini - is seriously affected by this situation as thousands of people watched the controversial goal online, many leaving intriguing messages. In case you have not seen the controversial goal in debate it will not take long to find. Furthermore Thiery Henry admitted it was handball but it would have been an unbelievable act of fairplay from him to rush up top the referee and tell him the truth. FIFA is to blame because still rejects the use of TV camera replays to assist the match official. Even though Ireland was not granted direct qualification if France goal was denied, there being 17 minutes to play plus penalties, still the Irish had opportunity to go through and were deserved to play their chance, but referee said...NO. Shame on FIFA, it is not the first time when these acts of injustice happen but football board members are still blind irritating the whole world with their stupid and outdated rules. More on outraged messages addressed to FIFA can be found on CNN.
Video controversial goal and handball from Thiery Henry.


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