Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Galileo's cut fingers found after missing 100 years

Two fingers cut from hand of italian astronomer Galileo Galilei in March 1737 were found after more than 100 years since they were last seen. The fingers were brought to the Museum of the History of Science, Florence by a person who purchased them at an action -museum director Paolo Galluzzi said. The 2 fingers and also a tooth were last seen in 1905 as being sealed in a glass jar. Since then nothing was heard about them till recently. Galluzzi declared that the jar matches in every detail. At the time of the auction, the label saying what was in the jar had been lost and the sellers and actioneers knew only that inside were some fingers and a tooth therefore they did not know that the "items" belonged to Galileo and the significance was not figured out. The third finger was already had by Florence museum since 1927 and in March 2010 the people can view the reunited digits for the first time after centuries.


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