Friday, November 27, 2009

Attending Tel Aviv 100 year anniversary

Revealing the hidden city – is a project consisting of photo exhibitions revealing the past and contemporaneous history of Tel Aviv. People from all over are attracted into the program by searching, collecting and showing all kind of documentations, artefacts, writings, pictures related to the known and unknown sides of Tel Aviv. This year there will be celebrated the centennial, that is, 100 years anniversary since foundation of Tel Aviv city and the authorities decided to inaugurate the Museum of History which will be located in the old city hall building on Bialik Street. It announces to be a pompous and imposing ceremony scheduled on 17 December 2009, therefore lots of interest is shown for attendance to the museum opening.
Flights to Tel Aviv represent probably the first step coming to the mind of any historian, art lover or tourist wishing to be present at the Tel Aviv’s big event. Moreover, the Israel's capital offers a large selection of activities and events, the Christmas and end of year period making a trip to middle east very exciting and adventurous.


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