Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Traian Basescu makes public the expertise of the hit child video

Traian Basescu is expected to show on Wednesday (02 Dec 2009) at 19:00 (17 GMT) the result of the expertise made on the controversial footage in which the Romanian president looks like hitting a child in 2004. On 30th of November 2009, president Basescu - who considers the video a well done fake - asked the National Institute of Criminal Expertise (INEC) to analyse the video and release a notice on its veracity. INEC verified the images and provided a statement to Basescu who has the right wether to make it public or not.
Meanwhile Basescu filed also a lawsuit against Dinu Patriciu and Gardianul newspaper because of not checking the autenticity of the tape prior to broadcast and requested to be paid moral damages of only ... 1 RON (~0.25 EURO).
Traian Basescu presented INEC report which says that the video footage is a fake and presents elements of image processing. The president closed the speach saying: "Shame on you Dinu Patriciu".
Video Traian Basescu on INEC expertise - Video Basescu publica expertiza INEC.


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