Friday, December 11, 2009

Air France AF445 in troubles near AF447 crash area

Air France examine the critical situation experienced by another French jet close to the site where AF447 crashed on 1st of June. On the night of 29 November, Flight AF445 with 215 people onboard was en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, the identical route followed by doomed AF447. When reached the same area over the Atlantic where AF447 dissapeared, the AF445 encountered severe turbulences. It was happening about 4 hours into the flight and the situation determined the pilots to lower the altitude by sending at the same time warning signals on change of flight level. After half an hour of troubling turbulences, flight 445 continued flying normally on its route. Following the chain of coincident events, BEA announced that November flight was operated by an Airbus A330-203 jet, the same type as that involved in June catastrophe, but Air France said that November plane was an A300-200 instead.


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