Friday, December 11, 2009

Clear Wireless Internet – advantages of mobile 4G technology

Clear company, came up this year with the innovative 4G WiMAX wireless broadband network, which allows the users to navigate through the web at broadband speed. As comparison, the modems made by clear brand are capable to handle up to 6 Mbps download speeds while mobile Internet customers can hope for up to 4 Mbps average download speeds and from time to time even peaks overtaking 10Mbps.The main advantage is that the clear 4g technology grants wireless internet speeds usually experienced only by LAN networks such as DSL. What is exactely the 4G technology?
4G is the fourth platform of mobile wireless tech and is obviously the successor of the protocols 2 and 3G respectively. It’s worth to know that the 4G is able to easily upgrade the present networks, generates safe IP related clues and guarantees various options such as voice, data and online multimedia at higher transmission rates unlike the previous versions. Furthermore, 4G related networks support also the IPv6 protocol.
Concerned customers would readily find online the details about packages, development projects and other info on 4g mobile internet. The new system invented by clear wireless starts increasing its popularity in United States and spread quickly across the globe. The company has already many distribution points in USA such as clear wireless chicago, Austin, Atlanta, Las Vegas and some more representatives will soon operate across US.


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