Saturday, November 21, 2009

Clear Wireless Internet 4G – feature, advantages

Clear company, introduced in early 2009 its first 4G WiMAX wireless broadband network, allowing costumers and businesses to access the Internet at broadband speed. Statistically, the modems by Clear brand provide up to 6 Mbps download speeds while mobile Internet users can expect for up to 4 Mbps average download speeds and sometimes even bursts exceeding 10Mbps. Unlike clasical wireless services, the clear 4g technology unveils mobile broadband internet speed usually experienced only by wired networks such as DSL. What is and why choosing 4G tech? As suggestive from name, 4G is the fourth generation of mobile wireless and is a successor to 2G and 3G standards. You must know that the 4G technology is able to upgrade the present transmission networks, provides secure IP related solutions and assures facilities such as voice, data and streamed multimedia at higher transmission rates unlike the prior generations. Moreover, 4G based networks support also the IPv6 protocol.
Interested customers can easily find online the complete details about packages, business projects and pricing options of clear wireless internet 4g. The new broadband internet mobile system implemented by clear wireless started to become popular in United States and spread quickly also worldwide. The company has lots of representatives across USA such as Clear Bellingham, Portland, Dallas, Austin, Chicago and some other distribution points will open soon.


ori February 15, 2010 at 1:53 AM  

Anyone use this service? They offer to give a $300 Visa gift card when you sign up for Clear.

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