Sunday, November 29, 2009

Geoana afraid to face Basescu in direct debate

President in charge Traian Basescu sent off an invitation to Mircea Geoana for a direct electoral confrontation on Sunday at the Parliament building. Moreover Basescu agreed to give Geoana the privilege to choose the preferred television and TV moderators but Geoana denied cowardly the invitation. It is obvious that PSD president, Mircea Geoana is not capable to keep up in a "face to face" debate and proves once again the general suspicion that he is just a “toy” controlled by various hidden forces.
Even if he was sometimes motivated, Traian Basescu was blamed repeatedly for using indecent words against some individuals, but it looks like also his opponent is not really a saint, Geoana addressing population injurious expressions as clearly heard in the video. Recently (11 Nov 2009) being on a visit to Bucovina (Suceava county) Mircea Geoana gets beyond his nerves and calls the people "Nemernicii dracului", a romanian translation for "fucking bastards".
Video Mircea Geoana cursing romanian people.


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