Tuesday, December 15, 2009

B787 Dreamliner Test Flight

Finally after 2 years of delays, Boeing B787 Dreamliner is scheduled for its test flight on Tuesday (15 Dec 2009). The event is gonna be broadcast live from Everett, Washington, USA. According to Boeing, the B787 Dreamliner will be a very efficient plane regarding the fuel consumption. The main advantages consist of the facts that the airline operators will have less costs for flights, the passengers will pay less and feel more confortable when landing. The efficiency of B787 is based on its design and construction. The jet is made mostly of composite materials and the plane maker claims that air companies will reach up to 20 % savings in fuel expenses. The price of a Boeing B-787 Dreamliner is about $150 million and the company said it already received orders for more than 850 airplanes. B787 has a capacity ranging between 200 and 300 seats and is expected to operate the first passenger route flight in 2011.
Live coverage Boeing B787 test flight
Update: The B787 take-off went ok and now everyone looks forward for the landing.


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