Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Louis Vuitton collection stuff

When talking about louis vuitton the first things that come to the mind are the handbags and purses which became already a must have of every season. Strong colours, nonconformist shapes and extravagance are the keywords of Louis Vuitton collection. It is well-known that the louis vuitton bags are comfortable, eye catching and living colours like orange, green, yellow dominate the collection. The luxury is sometimes replaced at the expense of fantasy and oddity, the boundary between fashion and art, commercial and creativity becoming invisible. The products extend on a wide trendy range and many of them are made of expensive stuff. Louis Vuitton is covered by a prestigious fame such that Madonna, one of the sex-symbols of the world's showbiz accepted to represent the brand image in 2009. Even if luis vuitton handbags are the wish of most of the women, still many of them buy imitating copies because they can not afford to have an original one.


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