Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Republic of Moldova Revolution News 2009 - information, media and linkable moldovan websites

7.Apr.2009 It looks like Moldova is on the brink of revolution. In such situations a major role is held by media. In order to keep things under their control, the communists tried to interrupt any mean of communication: radio, television, phone, internet network. Some of them were completely closed, others were slowed down or censured. The international media gets news by correspondents, social networking media, etc. Internal information on revolution like events from Chisinau and other cities in the country can be provided by the following Moldovan websites which still work:
Hotnews.md (ro)
Moldpres (english)
Moldova-suverana (ro)
Teleradio Moldova (ro)
Unimedia.md (ro)
Generally speaking, the conflict in Moldova was created by urban - rural duality. The first category represents the young educated generation of pro-west people and second one is the old fashioned, nostalgic pro-russian.
Although many called the events as Moldova's Twitter Revolution due to large number of informative messages posted on twitter.com, however there a major role was played by YouTUBE website with plenty of video reports uploaded.
Twitter instead, compensated the lack of communication in Moldova and played an important role in the gathering of the people, the most popular posted messages were marked with the tag "#pman" which is achronyn from "Piata Marii Adunari Nationale" (Chisinau Main Square).


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