Friday, April 10, 2009

Moldova demonstrations - 10.April.2009 (5th day) Sources: Twitter, moldovan and romanian media

3:30 Twitter (#pman hashtag) discussions and Dorin Chirtoaca - the mayor of Chisinau, confirm the 10th of April (Friday) meeting at Teleradio Moldova starting at 10 AM (VIDEO MAYOR PRESS CONFERENCE). People intend to protest holding flowers in hands and turning into "Flowers revolution".
12:00 The public television is protected by people handling Kalashnikov weapons and probably also snipers (according to eye witnesses) Here VIDEO
V. Voronin, the leader of the Party of Communist agreed the demand of re-counting the votes and made an oficial request at Constitutional Court on this purpose. "The recounting of votes, will be an important reason to reinstall political stability, peace and mutual confidence in Moldova", Voronin said. Despite the call of opposition for a higher intensified anticommunist protest on friday, only about eight hundred protesters were marching in the center of Kishinev. The low size and intensity participation seems determined also by the fear state, less and less people risking to be arrested and kidnapped off the Chisinau streets by the police.
16:00 Romania: in a live show on Antena3 TV station, romanian oficials are amazed and make fun of Voronin and communists paranoia. Voronin's "proofs" about Romania involvement are actually the banners written in romanian and the people speaking romanian. NOTE: romanian and moldavian languages are identical. Hereby moldavian authorities said from the beggining of conflict that they have proofs against Romania but they showed none - denoting the communists desperation.
17:00 many romanian journalist were detained, the last one was the Antena3 reporter (a few minutes ago); also a swedish reporter was interogated by moldovan police,,,it is clear that Moldova is dominated by chaos. European Union is still silent.


HalfCrazy April 10, 2009 at 11:56 AM  

A peaceful flower revolution would be awesome, I wonder how it would turn out. A peaceful revolution took place here in the Philippines. People greeted soldiers and gave them food, flowers and whatever they could give.

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