Sunday, February 28, 2010

Video men's hockey Canada-USA

Tough clash between Canada and USA in the final of the Olympic men's ice hockey games. Just six minutes before the full time Canada leads 2-1 and is very close to claim the olympic gold medal. Canada want to preserve the score but the Americans try desperately to level the game. Even if Canada play defensively however they miss and extraordinary ocassion to distance to 3-1. Unbelievebly the desperate attacks of the americans turned out to be successful and they draw the score just 24 seconds before the end and Canada-USA 2-2 after official time.
Canada men ice hockey team wins the Olympic gold medal after S. Crosby scores the golden goal in the minute 8 of the extra time. Clearly Crosby's goal was the most important of his career and also one of the most famous point in the history of Canada men's ice hockey.
The 2010 Olympic men's ice hockey final: Canada - USA 3-2.
Video goals icehockey Olympic final 2010: Canada-USA 3-2 (for North-America)


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