Monday, February 15, 2010

Airborne Boeing 747 attached laser beam destroys ballistic missile

US defence agency announced the successful test of an airborne high energy laser beam which destroyed an in-flight missile.
An US Airforce Boeing 747 equipped with a high energy laser beam managed to shoot down a ballistic missile. Since the time the missile was launched it took the airplane laser beam only 2 minutes to destroy it. Practically the focussed laser beam energy performed a hole in the shield of the missile.
The experiment conducted high in the sky off the California coast demonstrated the future of the laser beams in the defense technology. The main advantage of the laser beam technology stays in attacking multiple targets at the speed of light. The test marked the first time when a laser beam device destroys an in-flight missile.
Video Boeing 747 airborne laser beam destroys in-flight ballistic missile.


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