Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Andrei Gheorghe produces car accident and runs away from spot

According to Antrena3 TV media, Andrei Gheorghe - the consultant of the Romania finance minister Sebastian Vladescu, - was involved Tuesday evening in a car crash which took place at "Piata Presei Libere" in Bucharest. It seems that the car driven by A. Gheorghe hit from behind another vehicle stopped at the traffic light. Following the accident, the driver of the struck car, a woman, suffered serious head injuries. Andrei Gheorghe left the spot of the crash without proving that he owns car insurance and moreover he did not even call for an ambulance or other emergency services; instead, Gheorghe advised the wounded woman to stay still in the car and assured her that she will get better - the Antena 3 reported.
Subsequently Andrei Gheoghe announced that he was actually involved in a minor accident and nobody was injured. He also said that reached an agreement with the other driver regarding the damages repair. Gheorghe blames the professionalism of Antena3 reporters who related the accident more tragically.


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