Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gypsy woman slaps policeman; the cop slaps the gypsy back

Very funny fighting situation occured in Romania between a gypsy woman and a cop.
Catalina Domnui, a gyspy woman working as a teacher in the village of Sanpaul, Mures county, was blamed of abusing her class children therefore the police was sent to investigate the situation. But amazingly one of the cops in charge with the case was abused by the acussed woman who slapped him with a back handed stroke. The police officer was astonished and embarrased and a few seconds later he returned the "favour" with a very fast open hand slap to woman's face. Now it starts the beauty of this "rare" event, therefore it is worth to watch also the video: The gypsy female pretended to cry for sympathy, condolence, mercy, whatever,,,but moments later she wanted to hit the cop again, instead she restrained her action due to the man's vigilence who lifted his hand again. The gypsy teacher is known to be extremely violent and so far she terrorized the other teachers, the parents of the school children and the children themselves. On the other hand, the teacher claims that she feels discriminated because of being gypsy but the video images show a totally different happening.
Video teacher gypsy woman slaps cop in Sanpaul, Mures.
Video profesoara tiganca loveste politist in Sanpaul, Mures.


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