Sunday, February 7, 2010

EMC unveils electric Dacia Logan

The American businessman Gene Gabus combined the most ecological technology with the cheapest European car to obtain electric Dacia Logan. The world's first electric pick-up, a Dacia Logan based EMC (Electric Motor Cars) was revealed by Gene Gabus' Des Moines Motors dealer. Practically Gabus replaced the classical engine of a pick-up Logan with and electrical one and wants to sell the new Logan-platform-based vehicle as Electric Motor Cars (EMC) brand. The US prices for the EMC models: the pick-up will cost $33950 , then $32950 for wagon model and the break model will reach as high as $37950. The battery charging time is 8 hours when using 110V power supply and only 2 hours for a 220V supply. At the moment only the 2 seated Logan-based EMC electric pick-up truck is available, but soon also the break and the wagon electric version of the car will be launched. The electric cars are assembled in Romania at Dacia carmaker and all the models use the chassis of gas-powered Dacia Logan which became the most successful in Europe. So far, only 3 EMC pickups arrived in USA (Friday 5 Feb), but they are followed by a break and a wagon model that will get to Chicago next week.
Just to note that the prices of the electrical Logan-EMC cars are about 3-times higher than a gas-powered Logan.


Nicu B. February 8, 2010 at 12:43 AM  

de al 5-6 mii cat e in Romania-masina ajunge in America la aproape 25.000 euro.Chiar asa sa fie de scump motorul electric si acumulatorii sau doar ca faci economie la bani nemaidand bani pe benzina,producatorul a umflat pretul.Oricum, poate asa aud si Americanii de noi si mai vin si ceva bani

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