Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Video: Sven Kramer 10000 meters race mistake Vancouver

Sven Kramer throws away gold Olympic.
World champion Sven Kramer, 23, made a huge and stupid mistake when changing lanes and as consequence he was disqualified from 10000 m skating race. With just 8 laps to go, Kramer was leading the race and had enough time to drink a cup of coffie or to talk with friends in terms of skating; but then the coach Gerard Kemkers pointed Sven on the inner lane when he should have switched to the outer one. That unaccountable mistake cost Kramer the win of one of his best 10000 races and a famous Olympic medal. Furious Dutch champion threw the sunglasses away and shouted at his coach "What did you do?". Furthermore Kramer's frustration is very understandable regarding the fact that he would have established a new Olympic record with a time of 12:54:50. Previously in the 5000 m race Kramer had already set an Olympic record of 6:14:60. After finding out what happened Sven Kramer said: "I wanted to go on the outer lane then just before coach Gerard shouted "inner lane". I thought he is probably right and went to the inner lane." Following Sven disqualification, the Lee Seung-Hoon from Korea claimed the gold and the Russia's Ivan Skobrev was promoted for silver.
Video Sven Kramer mistake 10000 m skating race Vancouver


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