Monday, March 23, 2009

FedEx tragedy: Cargo plane crashes at Tokyo's Narita Airport - live video camera footage 23.03.09

VIDEO1-live report from CNN
VIDEO2-Narita airport camera
According to the number of plane accidents that took place from the beggining of the year 2009, it seems that flying is not the safest mean of transportation . Here another crash dated today 23-03-2009.
A FedEx cargo airplane crashed this morning (Monday) at Tokyo Narita Airport. The crash occured at about 6:50 am (2150 GMT Sunday) and closed one of the two runways of the airport. The primary factor that caused the plane to bounce on the runway before exploding into flames is considered to be the wind shear, but the investigators do not exclude other possible factors like human error or a mechanical problem. The japanese officials reported the death of both pilots. The type of the plane was McDonnell Douglas MD-11 and it was coming on the route from Guangzhou located in south China. After a close look at the video footage of the Narita airport camera it can be seen that the plane tilts to the left after touch down due to the strong wind and as the left wing clipped the ground, explodes in huge flames.
Both pilots killed in the accident were reported to be US citizens.


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