Monday, June 15, 2009

Scotland's first deadly swine flu case

Scotland reported Sunday the first european swine flu fatality. Jacqueline Fleming, aged 38 died at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley while being treated after she gave birth prematurely. Scotland has around 500 people infected out ot 1261 cases in UK after Sunday's confirmation of 61 new cases in England and 35 new infected in scotland. Paisley swine flu death repesents orso the first fatal swine flu case outside America. The WHO reported that the H1N1 swine flu virus killed 145 people in Americas where two-thirds were in Mexico, 27 in USA, 4 in Canada, 2 in Chile and one each in Costa Rica, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Colombia. To all of these, it has just added Jacqueline Fleming death in UK. Last week the swine flu was raised at the pandemic level Phase 6, meaning that the desease spread to more countries and not that became deadlier or more dangerous.


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