Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spanish Iberworld plane pushed to emergency landing in Canary Islands

10 June 2009 An Airbus A320 airliner that took off today from the Canary Islands was constrained to return back to the airport after the pilots detected a problem with one of its engines. Spanish Iberworld Flight 6201 with 189 people on board was heading to Oslo (Norway) and shortly after the take off (8:05 a.m. Gran Canaria time) from Las Palmas airport, the crew figured out an anomalous behavior of one of the engines. The immediate request was the return to the airport and the landing was done safely without further incidents. Iberworld Flight 6201 incident comes just nine days later after the desastrous crash of Air France flight 447 and involves another airplane manufactured by Airbus.
It seems that the cause that made the plane go back to the airport was the fire, some passengers seeing flames coming out of the engine after take off. At the same time with the blaze several noisy bangs were heard - the Norwegian passenger Heidi Rendalen said. Many passengers at the back of the airplane were panicking and shouting "It is burning". Despite all the declarations of the witnesses, the Iberworld officials and AENA spokeswoman Karen Martel denied that engine had caught fire mentioning that it was just a technical undisclosed problem.


Anonymous,  July 6, 2009 at 8:09 PM  

On the 30th on june 2009 when i was flying back from palma de mallorca to shannon my iberworld flight 3222 was making funny noises. When we went to land the pilot annonced that we would be expericing terbulance. We were very high in the sky way above the clouds. When we landed we were ages going along the runway. Thier were firebergades on the runway next to us and next to our plane was gaurds and shannon airospace. We werent even off the plane and they opeded up the side of the plane it and took out thier tools. We dont know what happined.

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