Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NASA denies prophecy on 2012 apocalypse

NASA is conducting a campaign meant to combat the prophecies of the imminent 2012 apocalypse on conditions in which this new topic - said to be based on real facts - propagates through the world population. Even Hollywood contributed to the catastrophic scenario by releasing the "2012" a high budget movie directed by Roland Emmerich. The film (2012) - which will be released this week in EU - narates that the end of the mankind will come on 21 December 2012 following a series of natural catastrophies. The date would correspond to a planetary allignment rumored to be desastrous and everything starts with the mayan prophecy. Sustained by thousands of websites, the prediction originates from a legend according to which a planet called Nibiru or "planet X" head toward Terra getting into collision in 2012. Some other websites say NASA hides the truth but the American Space Agency has a firm statement. "Everything is imagination, phantasm. No reliable scientist talked about such a threat related to 2012" - says NASA reminding that the Earth has an existence of more than 4 billion years. Futhermore regarding the Maya calendar, this does not stop on 21 December 2012, instead it's just the end of a periodic cycle.
Watch 2012 Roland Emmerich movie released official trailer


penman@truegosp.org November 15, 2009 at 10:09 PM  

I haven't seen the movie 2012, but I have read descriptions of it. If they are basing their predictions on astronomical data, NASA is right to show that it is wrong.

The movie 2012 is basically entertainment, not solid information or truth.

The public is fascinated with end-time disaster prophecies and Hollywood and the TV industry are milking that fascination for all its worth. But as I point out in my blog, they leave something important out. They sometimes quote the Bible, and the Bible really does predict disasters in our lifetimes, but they leave out the REASON for these disasters that the Bible gives. According to the Bible, these disasters are a punishment for the sins of man designed by God to bring man to repentance and conversion for our long-term good. But Hollywood has never been a fan of the concept of repentance.

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