Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rihanna beaten by Chris Brown

Rihanna, 21, breaks the silence 10 months after being aggressed by her former boyfriend, the rapper Chris Brown and talks about the ordeal and the humiliation felt when her picture showing the face injuries turned up in the media. The first incident took place in February 2009 before the Grammy Awards and a few day later a picture of her revealing facial bruises and black eye leaked in the newspapers. Rihanna said that it was an awful experience feeling abused and becoming an amusing topic over the internet despite that all these were happening in her real life. Following the police investigation, Chris Brown, 20, was sentenced to 5 years in jail with suspension and 6 month work for community after getting an agreement from the justice court in order to avoid the prison term. Furthermore Brown is constrained to keep distance at least 100 meters away from Rihanna. Glamour magazine awarded Rihanna as the woman of year 2009.


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