Thursday, November 5, 2009

Video CFR Cluj 2-3 Sparta Praga, videohighlights and goals

Watch live online CFR Cluj - Sparta Praga
CFR Cluj plays the home leg in Europa League against Sparta Praga. The romanian team has a bad start and conceives two goals in min 5 and 13 (0-2). Cluj starts fighting back and Traore reduces the deficit on a goal scored in min 25 (CFR Cluj - Sparta Praga 1-2).
At half time Cluj - SpartaPraga 1-2
Final score CFR Cluj - Sparta Praga 2-3
situation in Cluj, CFR manages to level the game in extra times but here a chain of grave mistakes by turkish referee start to come up. Firstly he posponed the end of the game by no less than....6 minutes. There was absolutely no reason to stretch this match so long. Furthermore the same referee red booked the second CFR player again without reason,,,total subjectivity and it could be clearly seen how the football is so rotten. Tonight obviously turks referees took Sparta's side and something like that is unacceptable in football.
Videohighlights CFR Cluj 2-3 Sparta Prague goals and game summary


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