Tuesday, June 1, 2010

7 million euro stolen in Marseille robbery

Marseille was the scene of a movie-like robbery on Monday. A commando attacked an armoured car which was transporting a large amount of money. The robbers opened violent fire and succeeded to steel 7 million euro. Everything happened during the day right in the middle of the road traffic. The thieves were filmed while loading the money in their own vehicle. They were 10 as number wearing bulletproof vests and also face-hidding caps. After burglary the robbers set the money-car in fire and left the place. According to the police, the operation was carefully planned but the strategy wasn't a new one. The armoured vehicle was blocked in traffic by a truck and then set under siege. The commando blew up the doors to reach the money. During this time all the other drivers were kept away by plenty of bullets fired from Kalashnikov assault rifles. Several vehicles including a police car were hit instead luckily nobody was injured in the incident. The ineffective frech police remains frustrated because the robbers escaped right from their sight.
Video armoured car robbery Marseille France


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