Monday, June 21, 2010

France team strike at World Cup 2010

The players of the France national football team went on strike following the dramatic situation developped after the 2-0 defeat against Mexico. French footballers boycotted the scheduled training on Sunday in protest against the France Football Federation (FFF) decision related to Nicolas Anelka who was expelled from the team and sent home. In the presence of the media, Raymond Domenech had to present a statement from the squad explaining their arguments. The french players handled over a series of complaints condemning the fact that "FFF did not try at all to protect the team", " FFF decision was taken without consultation of the players but only on the facts related by the press". In consequence, to show their disagreement, all players decided to cancel the training; instead, they organized a meeting with the supporters.
The French team scandal has its origins at the halftime of the match with Mexico when Anelka and trainer Domenech had a rough dispute. The wrangle continued at the lockers with Domenech reproaching Anelka that his position in the team's tactics was not too offensive and subsequently Anelka insulting Domenech using tough words such as "go fuck yourself, you son of a whore". This altercation got to the ears of the journalists through what french players call "a traitor of the team". Anelka - Domenech scandal made the delight of the scandal press and this fact seems to be the biggest reason why the french footballers are upset. As if these problems were not enough, the captain Patrice Evra said that Les Bleus have now "a traitor" and they must find him. So far most of the suspicions go to midfielder Yoann Gourcuff.


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