Monday, June 28, 2010

Mexican singer Sergio Vega shot dead

Sergio Vega - a mexican singer known also as El Shaka - has been murdered in a shooting just a few hours after he denied roumors that he had been killed. Vega stated to La Oreja website that he improved the protection measures after some Mexican singers were killed. El Shaka was supposed to performe in Sinaloa state when gunmen opened fire on his way to the concert. According to the press, the musician was driving a red Cadillac on Saturday night when a truck began to pursue him. After a few moments gunfires were shot from the truck making Vega loose direction of the car and crashing it, a passenger of the vehicle told El Debate newspaper. The same witness said that gunmen stopped and killed Sergio Vega by shooting at his head and chest. Mr. Vega was quite famous in Mexico for his Grupero music and norcocorrido songs which are related to drug gangs and criminal activities. Usually the musicians praising the drug liders in their song lyrics subsequently become targets of the rival gangs. Since 2007 at least seven Grupero artist were killed.


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