Friday, July 9, 2010

Paul octopus thinks Spain will beat Netherlands

Just 3 minutes needed the oracle octopus Paul to choose the winner of the 2010 World Cup. The two-year-old Paul "believes" that Spain is gonna beat Netherlands in the final game of the football tournament. The octopus became famous after predicting with high accuracy the evolution of Germany in all its six matches at the South African football contest. The spokeswoman of the Oberhausen Sea Life said that it was surprising the rapidity the octopus has chosen Spain as winner, therefore it looks like a clear win for Spaniards. On the other side regarding the fierce rivalry between Germany and Netherlands it is not surprizing the decision of the German octopus. Now it remains to Dutch players wether they agree Paul or not. Netherlands squad is know as being the most organized team with the best coverage of the pitch and is unbeatable since 2008 with an amazing record of winning all matches played in the qualification stage, friendly disputes, World Cup groups up to the WK Final. The Germans feel somehow relieved as the sea creature picked the panzerz to beat Uruguay in Saturday's game.
A few reactions from media: Spanish website Marca: "The octopus Paul makes us champions". Two German tv stations stopped their regular programs for live coverage of the octopus decision. Several televisions in the Netherlands, Spain and across Europe broadcast live Paul's pick for the winner.
Video octopus Paul predicts Spain to beat Germany in semifinal.

Video octopus Paul predicts Spain to defeat Netherlands in the final of the World Cup.


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