Saturday, December 25, 2010

Romanian electrician flies from parliament balcony

Romania's government passed a no-confidence motion in Parliament last Thursday but the session was overshadowed by a Adrian Sobaru, a romanian television electrician, who threw himself from the chamber's balcony, apparently in protest over the government austerity measures. His wouds were not life-threatening.
A loud thud was heard in the room after the man, leaped from a height of about 8 meters. He struck the benches right at the time while Prime Minister Emil Boc was saluting the lawmakers.
The prime minister and some lawmakers rushed over to Sobaru, before Speaker Mircea Geoana shortly postponed the session.
Boc considered the gesture "a tragedy that shocked me," and called for calm "in these rough times."
The session debates continued without the presence of opposition lawmakers, who left after their request to reschedule the motion was not agreed.
Video Adrian Sobaru, romanian TV engineer balcony jump


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