Monday, April 8, 2013

Alternative for Website Hosting and Data Storage

Have you ever thought of buying a server, or what the advantage is of having one?  Well, there are dozens of examples, but imagine that you are working on a long-term project such as a website with a consistent database that has to run quickly and support high traffic.  Renting a VPS with good performance or a dedicated server from a web hosting company would be the best option, but unfortunately is not affordable to everyone as the hosting rates are quite high. Those with a limited budget obviously have to think of alternatives and search for cheaper solutions such as the acquisition of a sun server which can perfectly meet their need for storage space.

Of course, it is recommended to first take a look on the internet for reliable and renowned servers, then make a list of them and compare their specifications and prices. You will certainly find many well known branded models and IBM's rs 6000 is one of them.  Ok, after you buy the server needed for the data storage, you might think about setting up a private internet connection or a home wireless network. In general that is done by means of routers.  When it comes to networking, folks should know that Cisco is one of world's leading companies in the field. It has dominated the networking market in recent years and people rated their hardware as excellent. You can easily check out a large variety of used cisco equipment and select what suits you best. Paying attention to the installation and configuration of the networking equipment are important aspects in achieving a high rate of data transmission and reception.

Usually pre-owned and refurbished network components can significantly reduce the cost of your business as the prices can be up to 90% cheaper than the normal retail price. Therefore if you look for warranty-covered equipment whose delivery is safe and fast, then visit the site of one of these committed distributors.


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