Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 year old UK girl risk to crystallize

Lillie Sutcliffe, a five year old girl from Great Britain is constrained to take daily a mix of drugs in order not to permit her body cells to turn to crystals. The "crystal" girl from Castleford, West Yorkshire in England, suffers of a rare disease called cystinosis and present to only 2000 people worldwide. The disease makes an amino acid, cystine, accumulate is different organs such as kidney, eyes, muscles, pancreas, liever, whiteblood cells and even the brain. Usually the condition attacks the children an without proper treatment the kids experience kidney failure by the age of 9. Liilie Sutcliffe was diagnosed with cystinosis in 2006 after the doctors performed a scanning of her eyes and found crystals. Girl's mother was shocked because never heard about this disease and she was wondering if her daughter would turn to stone if medication not followed.


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