Friday, November 13, 2009

Cluj tenor infected with H1N1 dies of cancer

A 51 year old tenor from Cluj, Romania diagnosed with swine flu a while ago just died last night but the roumors that the H1N1 virus rushed his death are wrong - medical sources said. Gheorghe Mogosan was suffering of lung cancer since 2 decades ago and now being in the ending phase, the disease killed him. The doctors who treated him disclosed that the mexican flu virus did not contribute to the evolution of the cancer. At the end of the last month Mogosan was hospitalized due to a respiratory infection and the medics discovered that he is contaminated with H1N1. A few days later he got rid of the swine flu but remained in the hospital because of the cancer, an issue which tragically could not be overcome. Gheorghe Mogosan was a baritone professor at the Music Academy "Gheorghe Dima" and till 2 years ago he worked also for the Cluj-Napoca Opera.


Anamaria Druhora Nica,  November 14, 2009 at 3:10 PM  

this is so not you guys not check your sources before you write something??? didn't you ever wonder how someone can live with lung canger for two decades? this is my uncle (my mom's twin sisters husband) you're talking about, he was like my second father to me. Please check your sources because he did not suffer from lung canger. The autopsy is very clear...he had a fungus but the doctors gave him the wrong medicine for pulmunary fibrosis (which he didn't have either) but the treatment for the pulmunary fibrosis was what killed his lungs because he suffered from a fungus on his lungs that could have been easly cured with a totally different treatment....check what you write because this is someones life

InfoWebExplore November 15, 2009 at 7:24 AM  

Sorry, checking the perfect info is almost impossible. The news was checked on romanian news websites,e.g or Also in the post just mentioned the notice "medical sources said"(according again to info sites). Anyway it is interesting if you are a relative and know more about the real facts (but just have to prove it).

Roana Druhora,  December 2, 2009 at 12:35 AM  

Common sense- One cannot live for two decades with cancer. What the news broad-casted in Romania (which was later corrected) and what you are stating here is incorrect data. He had an unknown cancer 18 years ago, and was cured with chemo. The cancer never returned. There is a 7 year time frame that a person must pass to be considered cancer free- 18 years passed, the cancer never returned. He passed that time frame. The doctors in Romania did not do a biopsy, and were not 100% sure of his diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis. He responded to the treatment- Cortizone, which is a strong steroid, that actually weakens the immune system. He got a simple cold- and his immune system was destroyed from the previous treatment. At the autopsy, it was discovered that he did in fact have a simple fungus problem due to allergies, (doctors assumed the worst scenario)The antibiotics that he was given in the hospital only fed the fungus, blood clots formed within his lungs and he developed within his 3 week stay at the hospital embolism on his lungs. The cause of death for such a fine musician was- Septic Shock, which is not related to anything in regards to his lungs, rather to his bodies reaction to treatment. Doctors are not gods, they make mistakes. The news in Romanian made a faulty announcement, which was later clarified by the doctor and Rosalie Mogosan, (Gheorghe Mogosans wife) of the outcome of death. Even the News makes mistakes. However, this is a mistake you can repair. I highly advise that you do so, if you wish to continue having readers coming to this site for updated correct data. There are a ton of Romanian news sites who have this information down correctly, all you need to do is your research, and perhaps a translator, if you do not know the language. Gheorge Mogosan was a great Opera singer, He was the "Pavarotti" of Eastern Europe, a man of faith, modesty, talent and intellect. He will be greatly missed. As one Romanian news site published " He is singing with the Angels".... God is making an opera in heaven and He needed such a fine baritone, if not the best of our time.

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