Friday, November 13, 2009

Kigali plane crash: Landing in the waiting room

Weird plane accident in Kigali, Rwanda. A Rwandan woman died and four Ugandans were wounded when an Air Rwanda airplane smashed into the terminal of Kanombe airport. The aircraft bound to Entebbe, took off from Kigali at 1 p.m and returned to the airport 15 minutes later due to a mechanical failure announced by the pilots. "After a fine landing and disembark procedures were arranged, the plane started to move again. There was panic in the cockpit because the pilot could not control the speed at which the aircraft was moving. The pilot had no choise but to ram the plane into the terminal". Here is a bit puzzling. To be understood that the craft stopped entirely and started to move again, or just slowed down continuously halting directly into the terminal?


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