Friday, November 13, 2009

Risks and consequences of second hand smoking

What is second hand smoking or SHS? As an answer it is not difficult to figure out that SHS is related to passive smoking, that is, the breathing of tobacco smoke already used by other people.It was proven scientifically that the inhalation of second hand smoke leads to disabilities, diseases and even death. These effects are obvious regarding the fact that the inhalation of every toxic substance causes anomalies in the human body. Due to imminent harm and threat to bystanders, many countries introduced strict regulations regarding the tobacco products banning the smoke in indoor public spaces such as workplaces, restaurants, pubs, casinos or clubs. The health risk of the second hand smoking has practically two main sources: the toxic smoke coming straight from the lighted cigarette and the smoke exhaled by the smoker itself. According to the studies, there are a few hundred of chemicals contained in the tobacco, of which more than 50 are suspected of causing cancer. Of course the smoker is mainly exposed to the risk because of a higher concentration of poisoning chemicals but induced environmental pollution affects clearly also the non-smokers. Out of the long list of diseases generated by the tobacco smoke it can be mentioned: lung cancer, hart diseases, breast cancer, asthma and derivative issues like bronchitis, breathing difficulties, coughing, chest pain, etc. Many exposed employees are unhappy with such useless risk that jeopardizes their lives and sometimes social scandals rise like it happened with the casino workers who opened a lawsuit against the employer. Here an option is to join the online casino but there are also people willing to get entertained in public spaces. What can be done and how to avoid the second hand smoking? As long as the tobacco companies still release cigarettes on the market the non-smokers and the innocent children can be protected by avoiding the smoking in the main common places such as at work, at home, entertaining rooms, shopping centers and populated areas.. Moreover the banning of the smoke leads also to financial benefits if keeping in mind that cigarette prices reach sometimes even 6 Euro/pack.


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