Saturday, November 7, 2009

Optics and eyeglasses

Before buying some eyeglasses it is recommended to have some knowledge about the optics field therefore notions like coatings, refractive index, lens, aberrations, all are terms that describe the quality and the defects of an optical product. When going on holiday you will be exposed intensively to the sun radiation therefore it is highly advised to have glasses that block the UV radiation, therefore it is worth to know that the glass is actually that material that lets the visible light pass through and obstructs the UV spectrum. Depending on your personal taste, needs, you can choose among Holiday Fun Eyeglasses, goggles, sunshade types, etc. There are many categories but and it is interesting to have a look also at the New Arrivals.Personally I like mostly the glasses with thin full-rim frame because they confer a kind of business type and a serious attitude for anyone. Sometimes it is tempting to choose famous expensive brands but like most of the people, I prefer to purchase quality glasses at a low price such as the $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses. It is a bit difficult to match this compromise because in general higher the price higher the quality. Normally I own two pair of glasses and my favorite high fashion eyeglasses look mostly like those seen in the seen-above picture.


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