Friday, November 6, 2009

Elena Carstea Palm Beach Mall job

After a difficult aneurysm surgery undergone a month ago, Elena Carstea feels ok and she is happy getting employed at the Palm Beach Mall. Elena is gonna work as a parfume vendor for Channel representative at the Nordstrom shop in the Wellington Green Mall. She will get a salary of about $1500 a month and has already started the work this week. The Romanian singer is satisfied to have found the job in the middle of a financial crisis period and furthermore this employment will help her to pay back the $20000 debts to the hospital. The good news was that most of the surgery expenses were covered by the medical insurance. All the detailed information on the new experience can be found out from the following video.
Video Elena Carstea interview confirming her Palm Beach Mall job
Elena Carstea blog and Website (in progress).


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