Sunday, November 1, 2009

Video: FC Politehnica Timisoara - Steaua 0-1

Poli Timisoara - Steaua 0-1. After 5 unsuccessful years in a row, Steaua Bucharest managed to win 1-0 in Timisoara on goal by Surdu (min 68). Following a shoot by Dayro Moreno and a mistake of Pantilimon (Poli goalkeeper), Surdu found himself in a neaby area and sqeezed the ball into the net. As a consequence of the result, FC Timisoara lost the top position of the Romanian league. Last time when Steaua won at Timisoara occured in 2004 after a destroying 8-1 (see Poli Timisoara-Steaua 1-8 edition 2004)
Video goal FC Timisoara-Steaua Bucuresti 0-1 (01 Nov 2009).


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