Friday, June 11, 2010

South Africa - Mexico 1-1: videohighlights

Johannesburg witnessed the kick off of the first African World Cup with the national host team facing Mexico in the opening game. About 85000 people were present at the Soccer City Stadium. Following a white result at half-time, in min. 55 Tshabalala scored the first goal of the tournament and South Africa was already hoping for a historic victory. Their dream was washed away in min. 79 when Rafa Marquez equalized for Mexico. The African team was just a small step away from a great win when Mphela targeted the post in min. 89. After the first match of the World Cup 2010, South Africa - Mexico 1-1, a pretty fair score.
Video: South Africa 1-1 Mexico, Tshabalala goal min 55 (1-0).

Video: South Africa 1-1 Mexico, Rafa Marquez goal min.79 (1-1)


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