Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Video: Qantas B 747 catches fire and makes emergency landing in San Francisco

A Qantas B-747 jumbo jet on route from San Francisco to Sydney was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after take-off due to an engine failure. Just 15 minutes into the air and serious signs of troubles started to overwhelm Qantas Airways flight: one of the four engines ignated into flames. An australian couple returning home from honeymoon vacation filmed the incident with a mobile phone camera. The images show how sparks are ejected from the backside of the troubling Rolls Royce engine. "A sudden thump has been heard, then another one and the plane has started to tilt toward left. It was unclear what had happened untill the captain announced that one of the engines just exploded. Initially a slight vibration had been felt and afterwards the aircraft began to shake", said one of the passengers. The pilots shut down the burning engine, released the fuel above the Pacific and landed safely at San Francisco airport with all 212 passengers and 18 crew members.
Video Qantas Airways Boeing 747- engine in fire San Francisco.


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